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08:01pm 25/01/2005

musical foray, lovez it.
12:35am 24/01/2005
  drunk dyke club emotional poetryCollapse )  
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12:43am 22/01/2005
  i am different
i change
my environment is the same
but i am not.

she loved me
i felt it
and it felt right
but i will not argue
i have learned to live
without what i need most
and what i need to live.

ah. my mind is simple
i've never argued the opposite.
but help me
it felt so right.
i love again.
for a week.

kill my spirit
kill my soul
it won't last
she needs more
01:03pm 21/01/2005
  Captain Ramus !!!
You've been rejected
You and your boat
Go sail up your own ass
And bring me some shit-fish

Play that Bjork album
Play me that irritating shit
And piss me off Ramus

Play me some indie
Play me some Ben Folds
You wretched Fuck Ass

Go ahead
I'll break your cassingles

I don't want to hear big music
I want to hear the yelping
Of drunks and perverts
And junkies and amateurs
And everyone that lives in shame
and hates to breathe

Because I'm a man
And I love mankind
And I love to hear him fighting for his life
For only then he is royal and courageous as he ought
12:13pm 21/01/2005
  Tall boy I missed class
Tall boy I slept all day
Tall boy don't patronize me
or covet my talents

Tall boy please convince me
that I'm not a faggot

Tall boy make Beatrice understand
Tall boy get me up and hold my hand
Tall boy please replace my blood
with something better, something good
something to make me spurt
raw power and charm

I prove I'm so enchanting
And intense
I'm so empowering
I am a nerd's strength
Bitterness with perversion
And unfounded confidence that I don't deserve
12:04pm 21/01/2005
04:11am 18/01/2005
  I love the eyeliner
because i am sleazy trash
I love the fishnets because
I can't think of anything more
I am not enriching
I am not a true hedonist
I am a pleasure-seeker
and pleasure is not a place
but what gets me hard
and what gets me heard
is ditto to the former
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03:47am 18/01/2005
  photo shootCollapse )  
01:34pm 17/01/2005
  character poetry exerciseCollapse )  
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01:08pm 17/01/2005
  aching pissCollapse )  
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11:02am 17/01/2005
  alcholic gorillasCollapse )  
10:56am 17/01/2005
  beeps hereCollapse )  
10:29am 17/01/2005
  I'm scared of this room
I'm scared of you people
I'm not in your scene
I don't know your laws
Your faces are blank
and your jokes don't make sense
and I'm thinking about your clothes too much

two days without coke
and i'm jacking off more
i'm drinking pepsi
and listening to trance
and getting furious
my body is a stinkpile
i reak like shit
while my heart beats slow
and cries for velocity

she'll tighten
her palm on my shaft
and i don't care
i'm dead

she'll bob on the end
and i can't feel it
i'm dying

she'll suck and preen
and i love it
i'm alive
01:20am 17/01/2005
  Read this poem
Fall in love with me
Seek my address
And come fuck me
Feed me
Bathe me
Accept me
Agree with what I say
And tell others
What a fine person you know
That they should really meet
01:16am 17/01/2005
  I resent every man
With a bigger dick
I resent every woman
I resent every god, madman, and artist
I resent every fool with money
I resent every fool with my heart
That’s your cue, dummy
To make out with me

I have my status written on sheets of paper
I have my soul tucked away on blogs
With sketches of large breasted nymphs
And money meant for cocaine
In a clip under the floorboards
I’m laying on a mattress
With my legs shaking
I’d rather die than wake up
To this
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01:09am 17/01/2005
I stabbed a chair with a knife
And I screamed
“that was you!”

At my casket
The men are lined up
They throttle my neck
The women come next
They spit on my face
I laugh
I won’t have it any other way.

I had a dream last night
I saw a man die, falling into a sculpture garden
His awareness won’t leave his body
Because he wasted his life
It made his arms flail
And his legs kick
And his skin was purple and cyan and covered with numbers
And I said to myself
“I’m glad he’s dead”

I’m not refreshed
I need a line
I’m not buying a 40 tonight
I did that yesterday and the day before
I think sometimes she’ll run up to me
I’ll drink this, it’s her legs
They’re running to my heart
And they’ll make it sleep

Sleep escapes me
Because I beat it in the thighs
I wait for the woman
Who wants to tear my cock from its roots?
I’ll fall asleep
Before it happens
And wake up alone
With my shoes on
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12:41am 17/01/2005
  He’s skinny!
He’s short!
He’s got a big head!
He likes wearing shorts!
He owns my life!
I can’t be free!
I’ll never escape
So I’ll give up

I’ll never walk without a kink
I’ll never breathe without a cough
I’ll never work without a pounding headache (erection)
I’ll never love without delusion
I’ll never be happy without fear
I’ll never do drugs
Without looking at them

Lay on me
Rub my parts
Breathe in my face
Hate me
Hate every inch of my face
Now please
Fuck me